Instagram has grown tremendously since it first came out, and there is a lot that we still do not know about the photo, and at times video, sharing app.

Such as how to ,turn off read receipts to adding filters in stories. However, in this article, we will cover what the small ribbon icon/ flag-looking icon below all the posts means.

The Instagram Ribbon Icon

Let’s jump right into it. The ribbon icon that you find at the bottom of every Instagram post, or the flag-looking icon, is the bookmark/ save. This means that when you press it the post is saved to a collection, which can be known as albums, similar to that of Pinterest.

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This is done when a post that you really connect with, or one that you like a lot. It is so that you can revisit the post in your personal collection whenever you want. Back in the day, users had to screenshot their favorite posts or download a third-party app so that they can save their favorite posts from other users. But, Instagram took note of it and ,around 2016 they added the bookmark feature aka the little ribbon/ flag.

A Friendly Warning

When you bookmark a post, the user is notified that it is bookmarked. This can be a good thing for SEO reasoning, as well as those that give advice through their posts. They will know which ones work the most, and essentially what their audience or followers are looking for.

However, the issue comes in if you bookmark an ex’s posts or bookmark a post with someone you are not on good terms with. This can be by accident but if they notice it will make you look bad. Possibly causing issues in your current romantic relationship if you like an ex’s post even by mistake. Certainly, if the current lovers find out through the ex. This is one of the ways that users can tell if their ,Instagram account is being stalked. That, and liking their posts.

How Can You See Your Bookmarked Posts

To get access to your bookmarked posts you can do so by logging into your Instagram profile. Then you would press your profile picture in the bottom right corner, and it will slide into your profile. From here you press the menu icon which is located at the top right corner of your screen.

It looks like three horizontal lines. A pop-up will slide up and you look for “Saved” which is next to the ribbon/flag-looking icon. You press it and it will take you to your albums. The first album will be “All Posts” which obviously shows all the posts that you have bookmarked.

How To Make Separate Albums/ Collections

If you want to sort your posts into different, themed albums, you can do so by going into your “All posts” album. When inside you press the three horizontal dots in the top right corner. This will bring up an option to “select” you can then pick the ones that you want to put into one collection. Then you can title this collection. This is useful if you like many different types of posts such as art posts, comics, advice, film making, interior design, fashion, etc.

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It will sort out your catalog of posts making them easier to find. And when you want to add a new bookmarked post to a certain collection you can by tapping on the ribbon icon under that post. It will first save to your “All Posts” album. It lets you know it did so by sliding up “Saved”. If you look in the right of that word you will see the option of “Save to Collection” pressing this will let you see the albums you have made. It is here that you choose the one that you want that post to go into.

To Remove a Saved/ Bookmarked Post

If you want to neaten up your albums and ,delete certain posts that you have bookmarked in the past, it is easy to do. All you have to do is go to your “Saved” tab and look for the post you want to remove. Once you find it you just press on the ribbon icon.

If you are removing it from a certain album then Instagram will ask you if you want to remove this post only from this collection or from your “All Posts/ Saved” collection as well. However, if you remove the post from your “All Posts” collection then you will remove it from your other collections as well.

Can Other People See What You Saved?

When you come across a post that you have bookmarked then the flag/ribbon icon is filled in. However, only you can see this on your account. Therefore, other users on their accounts cannot see who bookmarked what post.

The only way they know what you liked is by looking over your shoulder or by having access to and logging into your account.

However, as mentioned earlier the user whose post you bookmarked gets a notification that their post has been bookmarked. Hence, the whole saving your ex’s posts situation.

Last Bookmark

The ribbon/ flag icon is the best way to create your own albums or collections of the posts that you want to go back to. These can be your favorite photos of pets, landscapes, fashion, interior design, etc.

Plus, creating different collections can help separate the posts so that they are easier to find. You can have a collection for artworks, and another for advice.

This will just make it easier to find what you need. It is a simple feature with adding a more personal touch to the Instagram app where your favorite posts will not be lost to time or the algorithm. We hoped this article made things clearer about the use of the ribbon icon. If you want to know how to delete a photo from your carousel post, then ,check out this article.