TikTok is one of the most used social media apps in the world. There is a lot it offers from duets, filters, live streams, and more. However, what if you post a video that you no longer want on your profile? Well, it is easy to delete.

How To Delete TikTok Video

When it comes to deleting a video on the social media giant you have to ,follow a few steps. The first would be, obviously, to log into your account. When you are logged in you then go to your TikTok profile. This is where you can see all the videos you have posted on the app. Look for the one that you no longer want on the app. When you find it, press on it and it will start playing. While it is playing, there are three horizontal buttons in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Deleting Chinese video-sharing social networking service TikTok app

This will take you to the menu where you have a bunch of options at your fingertips. When you are here you have to look for the “delete” option which has an icon of a trash bin above it. We are not saying your video is trash, but sometimes people just want to clean out their accounts for whatever reasons they have. Anyway, you press this icon and TikTok will ask you for confirmation. You press “delete” and the video you no longer want is gone. And that is it. Very easy to do.

Why People Would Want to Delete Videos

As we pointed at earlier, there are many reasons that some users would want to delete their old videos. It could be due to having a fairly new TikTok start while still keeping their current followers. Another reason could be that the video did not do well in terms of engagement or views. This could make people feel demotivated, certainly so if they are hoping to make themselves a TikTok star. They could have changed and their past content no longer reflects who they currently are.

This could also be the case if they are in the process of job hunting. They could be worried that their potential employer is checking out their social media and some tend to do so. It could also be done as a joke among friends. Or they no longer like the past video they made and wish to upload it in better format or make it again but with more skill. Either way, the reasoning can be endless.

Making Videos You Wouldn’t Want to Delete

When it comes to making influencer-worthy content that you would love, there are a few things you would have to pay attention to. The first is to make stuff that you are happy with. This can be by following trends or doing your own thing. We would suggest the latter. It is important that, if you want to go down the TikTok potential influencer route, you find a niche that you enjoy. Standing out on TikTok, and all the other social media platforms are not easy tasks.

That is why many choose a niche that they like and target the audience that is in that niche. This can help you focus your content as well as give you ideas and inspiration. Another thing to think about is what you want to post and when. This could help grow your TikTok following. You can experiment and play around with ideas, and if they do not work or they do not make you feel good, then you know how to delete them.

Users like other users who have fun on the app. As well as if they can indirectly learn something from them. That is why some DIY or behind the scenes, making of, etc. content does quite well. As does lip-syncing, dances, acting, jokes, relatable content, etc. These usually make people either laugh or could make them think. When it comes to social media there is no right way to do something. However, doing stuff that you enjoy can help you out in the long run even if it is a slow one.

That is because you are more likely to keep to it if you enjoy it. And one of the “rules” of social media is consistency. This will let your followers see when you post, how often you do, and it keeps your TikTok account alive and active.

Another Way

There could be a chance that you do not want to delete your video, but you do not want others to see it. And that is fine too. You can make the particular video private. This is also very easy to do. Plus, you can either delete it later or make it public again if you change your mind.

Businessman turns wooden cubes and changes the word 'deleted' to 'posted'.

TikTok lets you save videos to a private folder that only you have access to on the app. To get your video into this folder, you have to follow these simple steps. The first is to open the video you want to hide and press the three buttons icon that takes you to the menu. Go to “privacy settings” and toggle the top option to move that video into your private folder. It will stay there until you decide if you want to do anything more with it. I.E make it public again or delete it.

Sometimes it is just nice to keep track of memories and look back on good times just by yourself without the rest of the world looking in. The private folder can give you this option. Maybe a suggestion could be to make the videos private first. Then give yourself more time to think about and decide from there. Sometimes people tend to make rushed decisions which they end up regretting.

However, you can always save the videos to your camera rolls and keep them there. But, this will take up memory which is just plain annoying. Either way, we hope this article helped you out. And if it did, why not check out our other ones in the blog tab.