Editing, be it writing or editing, are important skills to learn and use, more so when it comes to content creation. This includes social media such as TikTok. However, what if you post your content with the caption, and you see that there is a mistake in it? Can you fix them after it has been posted and how? Well, we are here to find out.

How to Edit TikTok Videos

The thing with editing is that it should be done before you upload any video. Be it to TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. This is because many of these social media apps do not have video editing software. And, what they do have is often not that good to work with. Therefore, it would be wise that you find a good video editing app. You can check on the app store for iPhone or Android devices. You can even just edit on a Mac or PC. Then, email the video to yourself to post it on the social media platform.

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And when you have edited the footage together through this editing app, you can then post your original video to TikTok. Editing outside of TikTok can allow you to add transitions, create your very own visual effects, as well as add a branded watermark. When the video is exported and ready, you can upload it to the app by pressing the “plus” sign in the center of your screen at the bottom. And, then you press “upload” to find the short videos you want to post to the app.

TikTok does give you the chance to trim your videos before you upload them. This feature would be better used for off-the-cup videos that you make at the moment, not really for ones that you planned out. You can only trim the beginning and end of the video.

How to Record on TikTok

If you want to capture a moment in real-time, then all you have to do is go to the homepage of the app and tap on the plus in the center. Then press the record button which is the red one now in the center at the bottom, replacing the plus. Hold it until the time runs out to make one long, 3 minutes, continuous video. Or you can stop, and start to make video clips.

When you are happy with what you have recorded you can then press the checkmark icon to go to the next step where you can “edit TikTok videos”. It is here that you will see “adjust clips” which is in the top right corner of your screen. This is like video editing tools for TikTok users, where you can do the basics, which can be good enough to get your posted video trending.

You use the slide at the bottom of the screen to trim your video down. TikTok automatically plays the trimmed section of the video so that you can adjust the slider to get it as close to perfect as you can. When you are finished with the trim you can then go to another few steps before you post.

Add More Before You Post

TikTok has a Mixer feature where you can set the sound levels between what is on your video and the sound clip you want to add to your video. This is so that the sound levels do not jump around making it flow as seamlessly as you can get from one source of sound to another. There are also effects and filters you can add to your TikTok video before posting. There is a huge library of effects that you can slide onto your timeline where the video is. Furthermore, you can choose where the effects go.

Meaning you can mix it up and not have one effect playing from the start to the end of the video. It can only be in certain parts of it. Filters, on the other end play on the whole video so be careful choosing which one you will use.

Then you can add stickers as well as text to your videos. This can make them pop as well as tell the audience what the content is about. Another thing you can do is to set a cover for your video. This means that you can pick a particular frame/ picture as the cover of the video. Try to find the most eye-catching frame you can to attract more views. Using what editing tools that TikTok has can be great for lip-syncing or dance, etc. content.

Trimming Stitched Videos

TikTok is a social media app so it would be awesome to interact with other TikTok users on the app. One of the best ways to do this, outside of commenting, DMing, as well as liking, is by stitching videos. This is a feature of the app where you can “reply” to another content creator using video form. What you do is you take a clip of their video and then you add something of your own to it. The steps are easy to follow.

The first thing you need to do is to tap on the video you want to use, and then tap on the share icon to the right.

Here ,you can pick “Stitch” in the menu. Then slide the slider until you find the clip you want to interact with or react to. This can be in the middle, end, or beginning. But, it cannot be the whole thing since that would be stealing. You then press next and edit it as you would any other TikTok video, by including your own content.

How to Edit TikTok Video After Posting

The short answer is that you cannot re-edit a TikTok video after you have posted it. The best thing you can do is save the video, then re-edit it. Then you can upload it again and delete the old one. ,Saving the video will keep all your effects, the music you used, the other clip you had, etc. intact. You can just remove the part of the video you do not want. To save a video you would have to go to your profile, find the video you want to save, and press it.

Then you press the menu icon, the three buttons, and look for the option to save. Then press it. When you have finished fixing the video you can then upload it to the app. However, TikTok allows you to save it as a draft before you go live with it. This means that you have another chance to double-check if everything is to your liking. You can choose this option by tapping the button next to the “post” one.

To access your drafts, you can go into your profile and press on the “drafts” here is where you can edit your captions, make changes to your video, etc. When you have done everything you need to do and no longer have second thoughts you can then press “next” until you get the chance to change your “who can view this video” to everyone. However, once the video goes live aka everyone can see it, you cannot re-edit it without removing it and re-uploading. Therefore, take your time with everything to make sure it is the best it can be.

How to Edit Captions After Posting?

Much like how you cannot edit a TikTok video after posting, the same can be said about ,the captions. However, we have found a bit of a workaround if you catch the mistake in the caption soon after posting. What you do is that you tap on the “Me” in the bottom right corner of the screen, to take you to your TikTok profile as done before. Then you go to the new video you have just posted and you tap on it. The video will start playing and while it does you then press the three dots to go to the menu. It will pop up, and you tap on the option to “Save Video.”

When the download is complete, you can then press “upload” which is a gallery of all the videos you have on your phone. It is next to the “plus” sign at the bottom of the screen, in the center, and re-upload the video you have just downloaded onto the TikTok app. Press “next” and then you will be able to add music, sound effects, text, stickers, filters, etc. as you had on the previous version of the short video. When you are happy with what you have added, you then tap “next” and it is here that you can edit captions.

Well, where you can redo your past caption without any mistakes like typos. After you have finished writing your caption and adding all the hashtags you need, check it one more time so that you do not have to go through this whole process again to make another new caption. Press “post” aka the upload button, when you have checked the TikTok caption and are happy with everything, including the video.

How to Delete Videos

After you have uploaded your new video again with the correct video caption, it would be a great idea to delete the previous version. This will make you look professional, as well as not have a double on your profile, making it look neater. Therefore, go to your TikTok profile and go to your previous video. Press it to play it, and then press the menu icon, the three dots, again in the right corner of the screen.

Businessman turns wooden cubes and changes the word 'deleted' to 'posted'.

This time you will scroll at the bottom of the screen until you see the “delete” option which is an icon of a trash bin. And, there you have it, your new, new video is up. If you catch the mistakes early enough then you will be more likely to lose fewer views, comments, nor likes. It is fairly annoying that you cannot directly just re-edit your caption after posting. Hopefully, TikTok will add this as another update? We can hope.

Check Before You Post

If you are using TikTok for the first time, a strong word of advice is to double-check everything before you post it. This includes the caption and videos. TikTok does not have a video editor that you can use after you have posted, nor does it let you re-edit your caption after you went “live”. Therefore, double-check everything.

Best Ways to Gain a Possibly Following on the App

Content creation happens on all social media platforms, including TikTok. This is the only way to gain and create a following of fans that like what you do. However, it is not an easy task to become big on TikTok.

But, you can try. The first thing you would want to do is to figure out your target audience. It would be best if you go for a particular niche you have an interest in. This will help you focus your content as well as give you a type of structure to what you create.

When you figure that out, it is then time to make something. Create original videos that people would want to watch over and over again. These can be funny videos, educational ones like do-it-yourself stuff, advice, etc. It all depends on whom you want to target. Also, it would be a wise idea to research which hashtags to use to get your work out there.

Remember to include the #fyp or #ForYouPage to try to get your videos trending so that you can reach as wide an audience as you can. Another important thing when creating content is to be consistent. This is so that other users can see that your account is active and you are taking the whole “becoming a TikTok influencer/content creator” seriously.

Wrapping Up

TikTok has many wonderful features but correcting is not one of them. Therefore, to fix a typo in your caption or to remove a selection in your video, or even change the song, you have to re-upload the video, essentially starting again. However, if you take your time and take advantage of drafts then you can check your content over again. Just to make sure that you did not miss out on anything in the caption.

Or the video itself. When you are completely happy with everything in the video, on the video, and around the video, then post it. Remember that if you find a mistake after posting then you would have to delete the older video meaning that you will lose your views, comments, likes, etc. To avoid all this and the hassle of a redo, triple-check everything. When you are happy, extremely happy with all, go and post the video and caption.

If your mistakes do not bother you then you can just live the video as in. You can even make a comment letting your followers know that you know about the mistakes. That is okay too. TikTok is meant to be for fun. But, if you are using it to market your brand then spelling mistakes and typos, in particular, are a no-go. Best of luck, and check it again.