21 Best TikTok Ideas for Big Numbers

TikTok is a fun app. But, it is also one that can make you money if you get high enough numbers. Or go viral. However, standing out for the crowded TikTok gang is not as easy as it once was. But, we have a few, well 21, of the best TikTok ideas to attempt to get those numbers raised.

What Is TikTok

TikTok is a social media app where TikTok users and influencers post short videos. These types of videos can include dance videos, DIY, tutorials, lip-syncing videos with original sound, make-up tutorials or hashtag challenges, etc. The social media platform has grown in popularity gaining the interest of small businesses as well as influencer marketing. TikTok is owned by ByteDance which is a Chinese company. Furthermore, the version of the app in China is called Douyin.

Asian woman using mobile phone take video clip of senior people dancing to share on tiktok application

TikTok is an app where users can post videos that are between 15 seconds to 3 minutes long. These can also have filters over them to make them more fun to make. As well as entertaining to watch. The Douyin app was released in China in September 2016, with TikTok following a year later. But, TikTok was not worldwide at its launch, although it was able to be loaded outside of China. It only became worldwide in August 2018 when it merged with Musical.ly. An app where users would lip-sync to popular songs.

A feature that carries through to TikTok. TikTok is a fun app that allows for creativity from the filters that one can use, to the way one can edit their content. The videos are often shot in portrait as one would hold a phone. There are all sorts of content on the app that standing out is no small task even for big TikTokers. However, there are a bunch of ideas that you can try. But, these are only ideas and suggestions. They do not guarantee success since, like all other social media apps, it is often dependent on the algorithm to gain popularity.

What Would Happen If You Did Become TikTok Popular

The more followers one has the more they will get noticed by sponsorships. However, this is usually done by gathering a large following on TikTok then shifting them to another platform such as Instagram or YouTube with the hopes of monetization. Or you can stay on the app and advertise sponsors by talking about them in video or tagging them in your captions. But, first, you would have to get them to agree to it as well as to the payment. Regardless of which path you want to go down, there will be a lot of effort and work involved. Or you could just get lucky with timing. But it is worth a try even if it is just for fun.

1. Trending Hashtags

One way to gain followers is by going viral. This could be done by doing trending hashtags such as dance challenges, etc. However, you can also start your own challenge hashtag and hope it takes off. This would be a better way to get noticed since it would make you stand out for the others doing the same challenges.

An example of this working is with Chipotle who used #GuacDance on July 31 in 2019 for National Avocado Day. The challenge was that TikTok users could make a dance that is inspired by guacamole. This challenge also helped Chipotle gain more customers because they were able to sell 800,000 sides of guacamole due to the challenge. Therefore, making an original TikTok hashtag challenge is not only great for future TikTok influencers but also for business owners too.

2. Dance, Dance, Dance

The best TikTok videos are dance ones. However, these dances should be original with a trending, as well as catch song. But, you may also opt to make them funny videos as well since everyone is often looking for a good laugh.

3. Sing, Sing, Lip-Sync

A lot of popular videos on TikTok are not only hashtag videos or dancing ones, but singing ones too. Or in a lot of cases lip-syncing ones. Do not worry, everyone on TikTok knows that everyone lip-syncs it is on purpose. However, you can add a twist to the song you are lip-syncing to.

4. Redo Dialog with A Twist

Another way to gain views and followers is similar to the above point, but instead of music, it is with movie scenes. You can take a classic scene and redo it by also adding a twist to it or reenacting it in another genre or way. However, this will take some video editing skills to get it right as well as to fit into a short-form video.

5. Voiceovers

The video-sharing app lets you record voiceovers on random videos you have made. This can be ripe with comic stylings, deep stories, or fun thoughts. Give it a shoot, or a voice.

6. Animals and Pets

It is no secret that many users online love pets and animals. So take a few videos of yours and upload the adorableness for the TikTok world to see. However, it can be educational videos or hacks on how to look after and raise a pet. But, let’s not make it a habit that ends up in animal abuse.

7. Make Art

Social networks are a great place to share artworks, as well as works in progress. TikTok is no different since people love to see the creation of something more than the final product, it would seem.

8. Answer Questions with Song Covers

You can be asked a question, or make one up on your own. And, answer it by posting a song cover that answers the question usually in a comical way. Almost, like using a meme.

9. Simple, Calming Videos

Users seem to flock to videos that make them feel calm while they watch something unusual. Yet, still pleasing. This one will take some trial and error to figure out.

10. Cut Fruit Interestingly

Similar to the above you can level up your fruit cutting skills by figuring out how to cut them into interesting and different shapes. Users seem to love these types of videos. But, be careful and practice before filming. Unless you intend to make a goof of the whole trend.

11. Living in Lockdown/ How It Was in Lockdown

One of the most worldwide relatable experiences everyone has had is to live in lockdown. This can be something to poke fun at.

12. Make-up

Much like YouTube, there are many make-up artists on TikTok showing off their skills. Why not join them and show the world what you got. Plus, it may even lead to the next point…

13. Collaborations

Influencers collaborate with other influencers as a way to grow their brand and to have some fun. This is an idea you can use. However, we would suggest that you make a bit of a following beforehand, as well as tell the other side of the potential collaboration what they get out of it.

14. Tutorials

Videos, where the poster teaches their followers how to do something, can go very well on all the social media platforms. That is because people online are usually looking to make/do something that they do not know how to do. There is a wide market for helpful, how-to videos.

15. Educational Videos

Other great types of videos that do well are the ones that are educational. These can be ones about science, theories, how-to-do, etc. basically anything that people can learn from is beneficial not only to them but to you as well. However, make sure it is entertaining.

16. Working Out

Summer is always coming in one of the hemispheres so people want to get into shape.

Professional personal trainer recording a video at home for his followers, he is talking to the camera

That is why they will watch workout videos which you can do from home. Make it easy, fun, and feel the burn, and your followers may grow.

17. Cooking

Lockdown has made many people discover they have a kitchen. This is because they have to feed themselves which means that they have to cook. But, not everyone knows how to do that task even if the lockdown is over. So why not make cooking videos showing people how to create quick and simple meals? That is what a lot of people want.

18. Freeze-Frame

TikTok has many filters that its users can use to make their videos more interesting and fun. However, Freeze-Frame seems to be one that is used a lot. It is a filter where it freezes on an image you make and then you can move to react to that frozen shot. This filter can be ripped with creative possibilities.

19. Daily Life

TikTokers usually made it big on the app by posting about their everyday life. You can do the same. It does not have to be over-the-top or outlandish. Just something that people can relate to.

20. Live Videos

Another way to grow your engagement and follow count is by hosting live. You can do this with another creator, or your friends. But, it is a fun way to interact directly with your followers and answer their questions. It can make them feel very included, which people love.

21. Celebrate Days and Occasions

History is filled with historical occasions that are spoken about and mentioned year after year. Do the same on your TikTok with thoughtful and ,well-meaning posts. You can also take it another step further by not only celebrating the historical events but the other days as well. Such as National Cat Day which is on August 8th, or International Dog Day on August 26th, etc.

Content Advice (for TikTok and Other Platforms)

Regardless of which type of videos you want to make you should do something that you would enjoy doing in the long term. This will mean that you would have to experiment and play around with a few ideas before you find one that you like to do and does well for your social network. Increasing view counts or followers is never an easy task due to the over-saturation of all the well-known and often used social media platforms. However, users are often looking for content that is well-made, educational, but also very entertaining.

This is the key to making it on any platform, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Plus, marketing is also very important and it will require cross-promotions on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. When it comes to social media marketing it is wise to use the right hashtags while making videos that people would want to enjoy watching. You must also take into account shareability since this is how your follower count is going to grow. The correct hashtags can be discovered by trial and error or by using online services to figure them out.

However, they will often change meaning that you would have to keep up with the trends. However, entertaining educational videos do well because users watch them for the information and then may share them for entertainment. This means that your video could spread to a wider audience. Allowing more people to view your content increases your chances of gaining more followers. But, getting trending is never an easy task even if the right hashtags are used. The algorithm is tough.

That is why it is important to have video content that is in line with creative TikTok so that your TikTok account can grow in terms of TikTok followers, views, etc. Another thing to keep in mind is constantly. People want to follow users that will post regularly. This is the harder part when it comes to wanting to become an influencer. It will be exciting in the beginning but then after a while, it will lose that excitement. However, that is the time to keep going, keep posting.

That is why it is difficult since it is no longer new and exciting for you. However, allow yourself to change and grow even if you do make a fanbase. This can keep your creative juices flowing while keeping your interest in the app. But, till then just have fun trying new ideas even ones that are not on this list. Or that you have created yourself.

But Keep In Mind

One of the most important aspects is to have fun. You can use TikTok as a means to eventually make a profit but this will be years in the running. However, you can use the app for fun. This will be clear to your audience when you are having fun since they will be having it too while watching your videos. While there is a surplus of users on all the social media apps, the one thing that has never changed is that people flock to those that enjoy using the apps they are on.

However, we do hope that this article gives you some ideas on what to do on and with your TikTok account. If you care to read more, check out our other social media-related posts on our blog. They cannot only help you with TikTok but other social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook. All of them are important when it comes to social media marketing.

How Much Do TikTok Stars Make Per Video

TikTok is a social media app that keeps growing in popularity. Influencers such as Addison Rae, Loren Gray, and Charli D’Amelio have gained a lot of followers on the app, helping them to monetize through sponsorships and partnerships. With their high engagement rate as well as video views this is not a surprise. Even you can start making money, real money, with your TikTok account, but then the question comes up: does TikTok pay you and how much?

TikTok-What Is It?

TikTok is one of the more recent social media apps where users can post short videos, go on Lives, and interact with their followers. Much like Snapchat or owning a YouTube channel, TikTok can be monetized if you have enough followers and engagement. A short history of TikTok is that it is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance who also has a TikTok app by the name Douyin in China. You can post TikTok videos that last for 15 seconds to 3 minutes long. As well as put a bunch of filters on them, similar to Snapchat.

Douyin was released in September 2016 in China and TikTok was released a year later outside of China. TikTok went worldwide in August 2018 when it merged with an app from the past called Muscial.ly. This was one that was mostly used for lip-syncing content to be posted on it, and that is how it became quite popular and well-known. TikTok allows a lot of creativity, and fun in mostly portrait format since the app is on mobiles.

Many TikTok influencers or TikTok stars have managed to make money off the app, much like content creators do on other social media platforms. As long as you stick to community guidelines, have a high number of followers, and make trending a lot you can, hopefully, make money through influencer marketing. But that begs the question: how to make money with your TikTok profile?

How To Make Money

There can be several ways to earn money through TikTok, such as getting sponsorships to make sponsored posts, asking for PayPal donations through live streams, selling merch, ad revenue, etc. much like all influencers do. But, to earn money through only posting TikTok content you would have to meet certain requirements. Such as:

  • Be 18 years or over
  • Have 10 000 TikTok followers
  • Gained 100 000 video views in a month

Meeting the above points means that you can apply for the ,TikTok creator fund. However, you have to be living in either Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the US, or the UK.

How Much Money Can TikTok Influencers Make

Making money on any social media network depends on the number of followers people have, as well as their rate of engagement. This also applies to TikTok. People with a lot of engagement, views, and followers will make more money. It is estimated that they can make ,200 USD to 5 000 USD per month.

TikTok users who do not have more than 100 000 followers will not make any money, but ones that have over a million followers will make money. However, being part of a niche can help out a lot as well as knowing and using the right hashtags. Good TikTokers find a niche that they play to and this can be dancing, singing, acting, finance, mental health, advice, DIY content, etc. But they can also make money off of…

Sponsorships (or Partnerships)

Many users that make money off the app take advantage by promoting other companies to sell products to their followers. The amount that they get paid depends, once again, on the number of followers and engagement they have. ,Influencer Marketing Hub says that a TikToker is able to earn between 200 USD to 20 000 USD for branded content. Therefore, to get the latter amount one would need a lot of followers who are active and engaging on their TikTok account. Engagement rate is calculated by how much followers and viewers interact with posts through liking, viewing, and commenting. As well as sharing.

Top 7 TikTokers

There are many TikTokers who you can follow to give you inspiration. It would be best to follow those that you are interested in. However, it would not hurt to check out the top money-makers on the app and try to figure out how they do it. With that, here are the top 7 TikTok stars who have made a name for themselves, as well as a lot of money through the TikTok app.

1. Addison Rae

Addison Rae aka addisonre is a TikToker that has been on the app the longest. She makes 5 million USD annually by posting short dance clips. This makes sense since she was a competitive dancer who has about 76. 7 million followers. Plus, she gets about 5 million likes. All of this and more has helped her to create her cosmetic company called Item Beauty.

2. Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio is one of the most well-known TikToker and she earns 4 million USD per year. She was also a competitive dancer and made a huge following through her dance clips and moves. She gained 108. 6 million followers. All this helped her land gigs such as the Sabra Hummus Superbowl commercial as well as has a Dunkin’ drink named after her called the Charli Cold Foam.

3. Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie D’Amelio earns about 2.9 million USD per year and has about 40. 3 million followers. Her posts are different from the previous two since they are more about her singing than dancing. And, as the name points out, she is Charli D’Amelio’s sister.

4. Loren Gray

Loren Gray is also a TikToker that managed to land a record deal with Virgin Records in 2018. She has about 51. 3 million TikTok followers. And, she would regularly get about 2 million likes per post. All this helps her earn 2.6 million USD annually, with the help of sponsorships from Burger King, Revlon, and Skechers.

5. Josh Richards

Another on this list is Josh Richards. He posts lip-syncing and dancing videos on the app. He has a follower count of 24. 5 million. He earns 1.5 million USD per year with the help of sponsorships. He is also an entrepreneur who created a company called Ani Energy when he was 18 years old. Plus, he is a co-founder of Talent X which is a talent management agency.

6. Michael Le

Another dancer who posts TikTok videos is also a choreographer by the name of Michal Le. He has been on the platform since 2016 gaining about 4342 million followers. This and his partnership with Bang Energy drinks earns him about 1.2 million USD per year.

7. Spencer X

And the last on this list is a beatboxer by the name of Spencer X. He began posting on TikTok in 2019. On TikTok, he has about 10 million followers and his YouTube channel has about 2.69 million subscribers. He had partnerships with Uno, Oreo, and Sony.

How To Grow On TikTok

The above TikTokers have managed to grow their audience and brand through hard work, luck, and consistency. But, since TikTok is a popular app with millions of users online the idea to stand out is a lot harder than it was in the past. This is due to the influx of users meaning that making money on TikTok is a lot harder than it was. But, if you work hard, keep to it, and follow the upcoming steps, hopefully, you will be on the right path to making an income. This is not a fix-all answer since a lot of it depends on TikTok’s algorithm, timing, etc. These steps are to point you in the right direction, they are not a guarantee.

Find a Niche

When it comes to social media the first thing you would want to do is think of the niche you want to target. This is before you set up your profile. A niche should be something that you have an interest in, as well as something that you can explore further. Going for something that is overdone or very general can lessen your chances of gaining a following.

A good idea would be to log into the app and explore the different hashtags that you are interested in. From there you can figure out what type of content you want to post and focus on. However, you should be creative, have fun, as well as add some informative value to the content. These seem to do the best when it comes to social media posts.

Complete Your Profile

When you figure out the niche you want to target you should set up your TikTok profile to follow suit. This means making the bio simple, but accurate, choosing or making a profile picture that gets your intention across. Remember you should look at your profile from the eyes of your potential new followers who have zero ideas of who you are.

Make Videos

The key to growing an audience is making content that people want to see. This can take some trial and error. But, it can be worth it in the long run. Furthermore, you should aim to make your videos stand out in terms of style, content, and how they are made.

Young adult woman traveling and blogging social media concept

This is so that your content is easily recognized by other users. You can ask your friends to check out your content and to give constructive feedback so that you can know which direction to go in. As well as what you can work on. However, do not be too hard on yourself since this process will take time. And, it is the most difficult to get flowing.

Post Often

TikTok is an app that is about regularly uploaded content. This means that you would have to plan out a posting schedule that you can stick to. This will make your account be active so that users do not think it is a dead one.

If you are a busy person, then you may want to set time aside to make multiple videos in one day so that you have a backlog that you can fall back on.

It is suggested that you should aim to post 1 to 3 times a day. You can also post “making ofs” or “behind the scenes” content so that people can see how you did something. This can be simple even if it is just telling them which filter you use. But, planning can go a long way to help keep you on track, as well as see how you can handle your upload schedule.

Create Engagement

One of the things that sponsors look for is engagement. This can be done by you asking your potential followers for interactions, asking them questions to answer, or posting competitions. However, the latter would only work if you have something to give out, as well as the method of sending it to the winner so be very careful with that one. There are also lives that you can do where you can interact directly with your audience.

These can be a great way to grow and make sure that users see you are a living person, as well as get to know you a bit better. You can also interact with comments or like other users’ videos. This too can help get people to check out your TikTok content. As well as to maybe even meet people to collaborate with.

Is It Only For Profit?

While making money through TikTok can be a great long-term goal, it does not mean you have to do so. TikTok is a social media app like any other where the point of the app is to have fun. If you do not want to build an empire then you do not have to. You can just use the app to post fun, funny videos and not stick to a posting schedule. Being and becoming a social media influencer is not for everyone. And it seems to be a lot more stressful than the influencers like to show you. This could be because they have an image to keep up.

Wrapping Up

The amount of money TikTok stars make on the app depends on the number of followers and the rate of engagement they have. It is estimated that TikTok users could make between 200 USD to 5 000 USD monthly. But, the most followed ones can make money in the millions. But, it is a lot of hard work, scheduling, creating, planning, etc. And since it is fairly over-saturated it just makes it more of a challenge.

Not impossible. That is also the fun in growing an audience on TikTok, the challenge. If you are using TikTok to grow your empire or just for fun, enjoy the app for what it can give you. Have fun with it regardless of your end goal. We wish you luck and a happy posting. Plus, if you want to read our other social media accounts, then check them out in the blog tab.

How to Delete a TikTok Video (So It’s Gone For Good)

TikTok is one of the most used social media apps in the world. There is a lot it offers from duets, filters, live streams, and more. However, what if you post a video that you no longer want on your profile? Well, it is easy to delete.

How To Delete TikTok Video

When it comes to deleting a video on the social media giant you have to ,follow a few steps. The first would be, obviously, to log into your account. When you are logged in you then go to your TikTok profile. This is where you can see all the videos you have posted on the app. Look for the one that you no longer want on the app. When you find it, press on it and it will start playing. While it is playing, there are three horizontal buttons in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Deleting Chinese video-sharing social networking service TikTok app

This will take you to the menu where you have a bunch of options at your fingertips. When you are here you have to look for the “delete” option which has an icon of a trash bin above it. We are not saying your video is trash, but sometimes people just want to clean out their accounts for whatever reasons they have. Anyway, you press this icon and TikTok will ask you for confirmation. You press “delete” and the video you no longer want is gone. And that is it. Very easy to do.

Why People Would Want to Delete Videos

As we pointed at earlier, there are many reasons that some users would want to delete their old videos. It could be due to having a fairly new TikTok start while still keeping their current followers. Another reason could be that the video did not do well in terms of engagement or views. This could make people feel demotivated, certainly so if they are hoping to make themselves a TikTok star. They could have changed and their past content no longer reflects who they currently are.

This could also be the case if they are in the process of job hunting. They could be worried that their potential employer is checking out their social media and some tend to do so. It could also be done as a joke among friends. Or they no longer like the past video they made and wish to upload it in better format or make it again but with more skill. Either way, the reasoning can be endless.

Making Videos You Wouldn’t Want to Delete

When it comes to making influencer-worthy content that you would love, there are a few things you would have to pay attention to. The first is to make stuff that you are happy with. This can be by following trends or doing your own thing. We would suggest the latter. It is important that, if you want to go down the TikTok potential influencer route, you find a niche that you enjoy. Standing out on TikTok, and all the other social media platforms are not easy tasks.

That is why many choose a niche that they like and target the audience that is in that niche. This can help you focus your content as well as give you ideas and inspiration. Another thing to think about is what you want to post and when. This could help grow your TikTok following. You can experiment and play around with ideas, and if they do not work or they do not make you feel good, then you know how to delete them.

Users like other users who have fun on the app. As well as if they can indirectly learn something from them. That is why some DIY or behind the scenes, making of, etc. content does quite well. As does lip-syncing, dances, acting, jokes, relatable content, etc. These usually make people either laugh or could make them think. When it comes to social media there is no right way to do something. However, doing stuff that you enjoy can help you out in the long run even if it is a slow one.

That is because you are more likely to keep to it if you enjoy it. And one of the “rules” of social media is consistency. This will let your followers see when you post, how often you do, and it keeps your TikTok account alive and active.

Another Way

There could be a chance that you do not want to delete your video, but you do not want others to see it. And that is fine too. You can make the particular video private. This is also very easy to do. Plus, you can either delete it later or make it public again if you change your mind.

Businessman turns wooden cubes and changes the word 'deleted' to 'posted'.

TikTok lets you save videos to a private folder that only you have access to on the app. To get your video into this folder, you have to follow these simple steps. The first is to open the video you want to hide and press the three buttons icon that takes you to the menu. Go to “privacy settings” and toggle the top option to move that video into your private folder. It will stay there until you decide if you want to do anything more with it. I.E make it public again or delete it.

Sometimes it is just nice to keep track of memories and look back on good times just by yourself without the rest of the world looking in. The private folder can give you this option. Maybe a suggestion could be to make the videos private first. Then give yourself more time to think about and decide from there. Sometimes people tend to make rushed decisions which they end up regretting.

However, you can always save the videos to your camera rolls and keep them there. But, this will take up memory which is just plain annoying. Either way, we hope this article helped you out. And if it did, why not check out our other ones in the blog tab.