What is the Best Time to Use Tinder Boost? (Experts Agree)

The timing of posts when it comes to the online world, be it through ,social media or dating apps is very important. Posting at certain times of the day can make or break your online dating life. Well, at least for Tinder. Therefore, and is the best time to use Tinder; and more importantly what is the best time to use Tinder boost?

What Is Tinder Boost?

Tinder is the most well-known and the biggest dating app on the market. It also has a ton of features that you would have to pay for such as ,Tinder Gold, etc. But, one of the best features of the app is Tinder Boost.

This can allow your Tinder profile to skip ahead of other profiles that are in your local area. And it works for half an hour.

 Flat lay with Tinder app logo on a smartphone screen with a pink heart on a wooden background on display

This means that you are more likely to get matches. Your profile is said to get ,ten times more views when you use a boost. And you can activate this feature by simply tapping on the purple lightning bolt that is on the main screen. However, when you go into boost mode, you should swipe more to get better results. Plus, when the boost ends you will be notified. This can give you a chance to check out your results, and to see how successful the boost went.

But, There is A Catch

In order to use a boost, you would need to have a subscription that is either Tinder Gold or above. This will cost you a pretty penny. You can opt to buy boosts without a subscription, but this can result in spending a lot of money. Plus, with a subscription, you would get a free Tinder Boost per month. Most users go for this option since it is the cheaper one, and it also offers more of a challenge. You can opt to buy more Boosts. Although, this can lead to nothing if your timing is off when using the feature.

How Much is A Single Boost?

The cost of a single boost actually can depend on your location. Some areas have more users indicating that it would have a higher price tag for a boost. While the smaller areas require less money due to the limited number of people nearby. The cost of a boost also takes into account what time is the app most active. The more active, the higher the price. To buy a single boost you would be looking at between 1. 99 USD up to 6 USD.

There is Also a Super Boost

A feature that is new to Tinder is Super Boost. Much like the regular boost, this allows you to skip the line. So that you can get more eyes on your profile. It is said to be ten times more powerful than the normal boost. Meaning that the likelihood of you getting noticed is increased to 100.

However, the cost of such a boost could fetch you around the 30 USD mark.

Best Time To Boost

Regardless of which boost you decide to go with, timing is everything. You want to use a boost at the best possible time when most users are online. Even if you stay at the top of the list for half an hour, it means nothing if no one sees your profile there. Experts say that the best time to boost is between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm. And, the best days to use a boost would be on Sundays and Mondays.

This is when a lot of women are using the app. And, therefore, a lot of men are too. The evening is when people have more free time to swap with more swapping being done on Sundays before the start of the workweek. Experts also say that Americans tend to spend three hours on their phones daily. Hence, the 6 pm to 9 pm timeline.

Times That Have High Reply Rates

Let’s say that you hit the sweet spot when it comes to using a boost. But, what about the replies? Well, this can depend on person to person as well as the time of day, in this case, night, as well as what day it is. However, it would be safe to assume that if a match does not reply in 12 hours, they are no longer interested. If they do reply, then you got lucky.

cute gradient chat bubbles on a smartphone isolated on pastel pink background

It is also a good idea to know when to start the chat. Depending on what you are looking for can dictate what time to send a message. For example, if you are looking for a one-night stand then sending a message after 10 pm can bring this notion across. However, if you are looking for something more, then sending a late message, to start the conversation, can give off the wrong message.

Last Send-Off

Tinder Boost or Super Boost can be a great way to get your profile in front of many eyes. But, using the boost at the right time can make or break your boosting experience. We would suggest that you use a boost on Sunday, or Monday between the hours of 6 and 9 in the evening. But, it is important to note that this is an average estimate. Every area is different so you may want to try some trial and error.

We would suspect that if you get more matches without using a boost at a certain time of day, then this could be your location’s popular hour. Then again, maybe Tinder is not for you. In that case, you can check out the other great dating apps such as Badoo, Bumble, or Hinge. We have this article that can tell you the difference between the latter two compared to Tinder.

Then you can decide which one would best suit you. If you do decide to stick with Tinder or go for any other dating app, then remember to use your free boost wisely. Be safe.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Facebook

A major part of social networking is being seen. From influencers to smaller accounts, we’re all trying to reach some kind of an audience and get engagement on our posts.

But that visibility isn’t always an asset. You don’t always want someone to see when you’ve read their message on Facebook Messenger, for example. Maybe you need time to think up a response or you just don’t want to be obligated to talk to the sender. It’s your prerogative no matter what the reason is.

Let’s just get this out of the way here at the start: Facebook Messenger doesn’t let you turn off read receipts. There’s no option in the settings tab to do so. You can trick the app into not showing a read receipt by disconnecting from the internet, though.

We’ll run through the steps to do so in this article. The process is kind of tedious but it will work in a pinch when you want to see what someone sent you without them knowing.

Facebook Messenger Read Receipts

When you send a message on Facebook Messenger, a small checkmark appears next to it so that you know the app has successfully transmitted it to the other user or the group.

Man chatting with friends on Facebook messenger mobile

Reading a message causes that checkmark to be replaced by a scaled-down version of the user’s profile picture. In a group chat, a string of profile pictures will appear so you can see exactly who of the group membership has seen the message.

If somebody sees your profile picture next to a message they sent you and you haven’t responded, they might think you’re ignoring them on purpose. Maybe it’s unfair to expect a quick answer to every message, but we’re constantly plugged in these days and tend to expect things to happen right away.

For those times when you either can’t or don’t want to respond, you can use airplane mode on your phone and disconnect from wifi on a laptop to view your Facebook messages without the read receipt ratting you out.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Facebook

Follow these steps to work around Facebook Messenger’s read receipts:

Step 1: When you see the floating icon on your phone or get a notification in your browser, don’t click on it. Don’t even navigate to the Facebook tab just in case the chat is active in that window.

Step 2: If you’re on your phone, swipe down to get to the quick menu and then turn on airplane mode. You can simply disconnect the wifi on a computer or you can get into airplane mode on that device as well.

Step 3: Make sure you aren’t still connected to a wifi network. Airplane mode should disconnect you already, but double-check, or else you could trigger the read receipt.

Step 4: Read your message and revel in your glorious secret.

Step 5: Close the Facebook tab or the Messenger application. Don’t just go back to the home screen. You need to fully close the app.

Step 6: Once the app or tab is closed, enjoy a brief moment of disconnectivity. Think about it… no notifications, no messages, no calls. You’re practically unreachable. Relish the solitude.

Step 7: Alright, who are we kidding. You have stuff to do. Connect back to the internet and do whatever you were doing.

Now you know what the message said and there’s no indication that you’ve seen it. Congratulations on hacking the system.

Beware the Active Status

Facebook Messenger shows people when you’re active with a green dot. It also tells other users the last time you were active.

If you’re going through this whole airplane mode process, you don’t want to ruin things by being clearly active for a long period and not reading the message. Luckily, there’s a hack for that too. The hack is to turn off your active status, which you can actually do in settings.

On the Messenger app, tap your profile picture in the top left corner. You’ll see a mode with a variety of options like Dark Mode, Message Requests, Notifications, Account Settings, and stuff like that.

Near the top, you should see an option called Active Status. Tap on it and you’ll see two options: one to toggle whether Facebook Messenger shows when you’re active and another that allows you to show when you’re Active Together.

The second option shows the other participant(s) in the chat not only whether you’re active but whether you’re both active in the same chat window. It’s a nice way to see when you have someone’s direct attention but it can also create expectations for an immediate answer.

Tap the slider by either option to turn it on or off. Simple as that.

Use Your Pulldown Notifications

If you have push notifications enabled for Facebook Messenger (they’re enabled automatically) you can just swipe down and see most of the message that someone has sent you. It’s way faster and easier than going through all that airplane mode stuff.

woman holding a 3d generated smartphone with notifications on the screen

But you won’t be able to see the whole message if it’s particularly long. If you have multiple unread messages, you’ll see even less. So while this is an easy tactic, you might not be able to get all the information you’re looking for. Pair this with the airplane mode tactic and you’ll be able to peruse your messages without tipping anyone off that you have.

Third-Party Apps & Extensions

Browsers like Google Chrome have extensions you can use to avoid triggering read receipts on Facebook Messenger. There are also some popular ones in the App Store and Play Store. These are typically pretty reliable and allow you to avoid the pressure to respond to any of your messages while still allowing you to continue using the internet.


Social media etiquette is an oxymoron but many people do have some expectations. Beware of becoming the kind of person who never responds and never appears to read your messages or you’ll probably stop getting them.

That being said, it’s completely your choice how you want to spend your time. You shouldn’t feel pressured to engage with strangers or anyone else. That block button is sure helpful sometimes. But if you just need to buy some extra time and want to respond later, you can use the trick in this guide to read a message on Facebook Messenger without triggering a read receipt.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram

When you’re chatting with somebody chill on Insta and you want to look chill too, what can you do? Simple! Act blasé by purposefully not checking your messages very often. You’ll look cool, too busy with other things to be overly concerned with what’s happening in your DMs.

Unless you aren’t truly all that chill. Let’s face it – just about everybody obsesses over some drama, romance, or silliness going on in their inbox from time to time. Luckily, there’s a fast and easy way to turn off read receipts on Instagram that can make you look chilled out and nonplussed even when you’re not.

Just kidding. There’s actually no way to turn off read receipts on Instagram. Although it would make a lot of sense to follow in the steps of other messaging platforms like WhatsApp and simply allow users to turn off read receipts in the settings tab, Insta hasn’t.

But you can trick Instagram into not recognizing that you’ve read your messages by disconnecting from your network and wifi first. Read on to find out exactly how to complete this process to make it look like you haven’t read Instagram messages even though you very sneakily have.

What Are Read Receipts?

In the very likely scenario that some gram newbies have found their way to this guide, let’s explain what we’re talking about here.

Direct messege in Instagram on smartphone screen close up view with yellow background

When you open a DM or group chat on Instagram, you can see when other users have ‘seen’ your last message because there will be text underneath it that says so. If you’re mutuals (or mufos) meaning you follow one another, then you’ll both see “Seen” underneath messages when the other person has seen them.

Granted, one party could have just left the chat open so all your messages get registered as “seen,” but that’s not a frequent enough scenario to really worry about. And if someone tells you that’s why they didn’t respond, it probably isn’t.

Dodging Read Receipts on Instagram

Sometimes you’re busy or you just don’t have a very good answer for the person or people messaging you. Maybe it’s your crush and you need some extra time to think up something funny and clever. On the other hand, maybe it’s someone you don’t really want to talk to at all but you still want to see what on earth they’re talking about without obligating yourself to respond.

The world of direct messaging is filled with bizarre circumstances like this. Stay on Insta long enough and you’re bound to find yourself in this kind of situation.

Whatever the reason, keep in mind that staying truly invisible on Instagram (and most social media) is pretty difficult. Even if you follow our instructions to turn off your read receipts on Instagram, other users can still see your active status and all the stuff you post and react to.

So don’t be thinking you’re home free and not expected to ever answer just because it doesn’t look like you looked at your messages yet even though you did. If they’re persistent enough and a bit inept socially, they could still have clear evidence that you’re online and avoiding them. But you can buy yourself some time with this trick to read Instagram messages without read receipts.

How to Read Instagram Messages Without Read Receipts

What you’re basically trying to do here is disconnect from the internet, navigate through to see the message, then get back on the internet without changing the read receipts.

Be careful about connecting back after you read your message. You have to log out before you connect to the internet again or else your read receipts will update.

Here’s what you need to do to:

Step 1: When you get a message on Instagram, don’t click on it. Make sure they’re not sending you a bunch of messages. When they’ve sent what they’re gonna send, go into airplane mode.

You can go into airplane mode on both Apple and Android phones by swiping down and selecting airplane mode from the menu. Laptop users can just disconnect from the wifi.

Step 2: Make sure your phone doesn’t connect to wifi. It shouldn’t have but double-check. Now you can open up Instagram and read that message. Hope it’s a juicy one.

Step 3: Get out of your inbox and back on the Instagram home screen.

Step 4: Log out of Instagram using the menu in the top right. It looks like three vertical lines next to each other.

Step 5: Turn off airplane mode and connect to wifi or let your mobile data reconnect itself.

Step 6: Log back into Instagram and you should see exactly what you saw before you went into airplane mode back in Step 1.

Now you’re free to pretend you didn’t see that message and spend two hours composing the perfect response. Or you can ignore the message forever along with that red notification.

Plausible deniability is the name of the game sometimes. You can get a grace period with this trick, but it gets old if you’re using it multiple times in the same chat.

There are also plenty of opportunities to slip up. You could forget to go into airplane mode (rookie mistake) or you could forget to log out before you turn airplane mode off. Take your time when you’re running through these steps so you don’t make a mistake somewhere.

Great Power, Great Responsibility

Congratulations on your new superpower. Don’t overuse it. Not to be cliché, but sometimes you can just respond off the top of your head and it’ll all work out. If you’re dodging somebody you don’t want to talk to, then this is a great trick. But for those nervously navigating new romance on Insta, this trick is probably not as necessary as you think.

Hopefully, Instagram will get with the program and give us a way to just turn off our read receipts soon. Until then, use the trick in this guide to read your Instagram messages without the sender knowing.

Can You View Someone’s Deleted Tweets?

People say some pretty crazy stuff on the bird app. Hilariously, tragically bad takes fill users’ threads day in and day out. Occasionally somebody realizes how galaxy-brained, hateful, or straight-up incorrect their tweet is and deletes it – but does that mean it’s too late to see it?

Twitter itself appears to take user privacy fairly seriously, at least as much as any other of the major social media platforms. When you delete a tweet, it’s gone. At least, in theory.

Other internet actors such as Google and the Wayback Machine archive web pages for different reasons. Sometimes your own personal cache has kept a record of the tweet if you already saw it. Outside organizations record deleted tweets of important people and may be worth a search.

Broadly speaking, there’s no absolute guarantee that you can view someone else’s deleted tweet. But there are some places you can try. Keep reading to learn the best ways to view and save tweets after the original poster has deleted them.

Delete a Tweet 101: How It Works

Most people understand the concept of a tweet already. You type something and post it. Suddenly, unless it’s protected, it’s a publicly accessible piece of information that other users are free to react to, retweet, screenshot, and share across other social media platforms like Facebook, Insta, or Tik-Tok.

When a user deletes a tweet, Twitter takes it off of their account and any other accounts that have shared it. The tweet vanishes from the feeds of all Twitter users and even additional metadata about the tweet is no longer available publicly.

Any Quote Tweet that featured comments from the reposter will remain posted minus the reproduction of the original tweet. Retweets that have no additional commentary will no longer feature the deleted tweet.

Where to Find Someone Else’s Deleted Tweets

You can try a few different places to try and find a deleted tweet. Be warned, though, that many of the most ridiculous ones have been successfully destroyed before they could get recorded anywhere, so don’t spend too long looking around for something that might not be there.

Look on Twitter

Although Twitter does all this removal, other users may have already recorded the tweet with screenshots before it was deleted. Snoop around and see if anyone managed to get to it and repost it. If they did, you can screengrab it yourself.

It doesn’t hurt to post and comment looking for the tweet, either. There may already be users who are aware of some fabled post and trying hard to find it, in which case your odds are greatly increased.

Google It

You can use Google to view deleted tweets in two ways. First, you can run a query across Twitter.com by adding site:twitter.com before the rest of your search. Bear in mind that you need to have all or part of the tweet recorded word for word. If you’re trying to view deleted tweets that were only images, you’re much less likely to find them this way.

If that doesn’t work, you can try to find a cached version of the tweet. Google saves raw HTML data for websites so that they can load results for users even when the website isn’t working. The website could be broken for a variety of reasons, but Google still wants people to get results when they run a search.

Google updates its cache periodically. For a popular website like Twitter, it’s likely to replace old caches pretty rapidly, particularly for big accounts with lots of activity. So if you do manage to view deleted tweets with Google’s cache, make sure you screenshot them or record them immediately if you want to see them again later.

To find Google’s cached web pages, you click on the small arrow to the right of any single search result. Type in “Twitter george clooney” and you should see his Twitter account as the first result. Click the small grey triangle to the right and click “cached to view a cached version of his posts.

You then have a searchable example of his feed from the last time Google saved it. Don’t click away from this page because it could well be replaced by a new cache by the time you reload it.

Search the Wayback Machine

Also called the Internet Archive, the Wayback Machine available at archive.org records pages on the internet simply so people can see how the internet looked at various times in the past. It’s a pretty cool idea since the internet is always changing and it’s really helpful when you’re trying to view deleted tweets.

Homepage of Internet Archive on the display of PC

You need to get the whole URL of the Twitter account that posted the deleted tweet originally. Just go to their profile and copy the link from the address bar and then paste it into the search bar of the Wayback Machine. Select the date you want to view and you can see an archived version of the user profile.

The bad thing about relying on the Wayback Machine is that it might not have an archive from the day you’re looking for. George Clooney’s Twitter hasn’t been archived by the site in nearly three months as of this writing.

You also need to make sure you search for the right URL – if Twitter adds a tag at the end like “?lang=en” then you’re going to get a different result than the ‘pure’ URL. Make sure you tidy it up if you aren’t getting the results you want.

404 Error: Tweet Not Found

You might not be able to view deleted tweets with any of the methods in this guide. If someone posted and deleted their tweet within the span of a few minutes, for example, it’s unlikely any cache or archive source found it. Other users may have been fast enough, though.

If the tweet really can’t be found anywhere we mentioned here, your only option is to scour the web searching for someone else who already found it. Sometimes the tweet will have truly passed on into the ether, remembered and talked about but ultimately (and perhaps thankfully) lost.