Are you an influencer? Are you looking for creative ways to engage your followers? Or are you just damn right curious to learn about all Insta? Well, look no further than this article. Here we provide you with heaps upon heaps of great Instagram story poll ideas. They will spice up your stories and turbo-charge your brand no end. Do not worry, you can thank us later. But first…

What are Instagram Polls?

Instagram Poll is a brand spanking new feature adored by Instagram lovers the world over. An Instagram poll asks followers to choose one option out of two (or more). These topics can be funny, serious, or totally trivial. We will leave that decision to you. The Instagram Poll sticker draws in the eyeballs of your Instagram followers and also enhances your story views. It truly is one of the best hacks out there. Instagram Polls also allow you to ask a question to your followers, with a choice of two customized responses or a default yes or no/ this or that response.

Alongside the addition of a hashtag in your Instagram stories, they make a great interactive accompaniment to all Instagram posts. If polls sound scary to you do not be put off, a poll is nothing but a sticker provided by Instagram and it is only integrated with stories. It cannot stand alone. Now that your taste buds are suitably tantalized for all things poll. It is time to progress. Let us explore how polls can be created, added, used, monitored, and shared. You will never look back.

Using Polls on Instagram Stories

First things first, here is how you use Polls on Instagram Stories.

  • Step one: Create a new Instagram Story
  • Step two: Tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen
  • Step three: Tap and select Poll
  • Step four: Fill in the question for your poll (keep it clean)
  • Step five: Click Your Story or Send To. This will share your poll to your story in real-time.

Let us go over that again in more detail.

1. Create a Story Post

This is the most important step. You need to create a story that will lend itself to a poll being asked. This is more difficult than it seems and will require some serious Instagram story ideas. (If you get stuck, try a template or two). Think about your target audience. Dare I say do your market research?

After you have had your bright spark and worked out the context of the poll, capture a photo, or create some text or any background post for your story. Take it step-by-step. Now is not the time to rush things. Spice it up with some captions, hashtags, filters, emojis, gifs (or an emoji slider), or mention to your story, along with the space to add the poll.

2. Add a poll to your story post

Now it is time to add a poll to your story. Click on the Sticker Icon. In case you cannot find it, the icon at the top of the story screen (the square with the face). There it is. Select the Poll sticker option. Once you hit this button, ‘Ask a Question’ will be displayed and below it, there should be a yes/no poll box on your story. If there is no call, Mark Zuckerberg. Now type the question that creates some excitement to your views and will encourage your followers to vote for the poll. Poll questions can be anything and everything. You literally can ask any type of question. Think creatively.

Remember insta is a competitive place. Instagram users are bombarded with live video, Instagram questions, and digital marketing – so use Instagram polls wisely. If you need some Instagram poll ideas to create an interesting poll look to further sections. If you want to customize your poll box with some other responses then tap on yes or no boxes and type your response options. However, you are limited to create each text option up to 26 characters in the poll – no matter what type of Instagram account you have.

3. Place Your poll

Now that you have finished filling your poll with creative changes, it is time to click on the checkmark or done button in the top-right corner of the story screen. Next, a question sticker will magically appear on the center of the screen. This can be positioned by dragging it around the screen for placement and pinched to make the poll sticker smaller or larger. Congratulations you have now completed your first poll story on Instagram. Easy was it not?

Instagram Story Poll Ideas

Placing poll stickers in your Instagram stories is a great way of increasing your brand awareness. Seriously. They are a fantastic marketing strategy loved by entrepreneurs the world over. However, to avoid tiring yourself and others, you need to conjure up some good ideas and thoughts, to make your content dynamic, fresh and, crucially, increase engagement. So without further ado here are some ideas to use polls on Instagram stories. Warning this is the best Instagram.

Ideas differ from one industry to another. For instance, if you are a makeup model, you may wish to ask your followers “Do you like my style”, “what new products are you interested in seeing” or if they liked your previous product launch”? Yet here are some general poll ideas for you:

  1. Ask about your next holiday destination?
  2. Ask about sport. This always does well and is immensely popular. It is sure to drive traffic to your Instagram feed.
  3. Offer your followers a sneak peek
  4. What do they like most about your Instagram account
  5. What do they think of your Instagram live?
  6. Their favorite small businesses?
  7. Feedback about a product or service or company
  8. Your deepest darkest confession
  9. Their go-to blogger
  10. Comments on current affairs?
  11. Inquiry what content of yours they like/is useful
  12. Food. Everyone loves food.
  13. Any specific requests?
  14. Ask for people to comment on topics you should post on?

Common Instagram Poll Formats

So that is a topic out of the way. Here are the most common types of Instagram polls.

  • Yes or no – obviously.
  • Sliding scale polls. These all help you to find out the degree to which participants agree with a conclusion on a sliding scale. They are absolutely fantastic for engagement.
  • This or that. Tea or coffee. Cake or biscuits. Blonde or brunette. You get the picture.

When it comes to Instagram polls, creativity is king – in case you have not got that already. But to help you generate some ideas there are a few things to consider in the background.

  • Prizes. Everyone loves a good old prize. Why not incorporate them into your polls? This is great social media marketing.
  • Plan events. Can you orientate your polls around social occasions and events? Parties, holidays, you name it, can all be incorporated into a poll.
  • Do your research. See what is out there. Read. Look at other influencers. Watch tutorials. This can help you bundles.
  • Take advantage of trending topics. Trends. Love ’em or loathe them – they are here to stay.
  • And, of course, seek out feedback. This does not necessarily have to be from your followers, why not approach other influencers or you can even ask your mum.

Best practice For Instagram Stories

But more than content, the form of your Instagram stories is also imperative. Remember: style is as, if not more, important than substance. Here are a few housekeeping rules.

  • Firstly, when putting your poll in place, keep it out of the very upper left-hand corner of the image. Why is this important? Well, this is where your avatar appears on your followers’ Insta. As a result, you do not want it to block or obscure the poll question.
  • Secondly, make sure what you are asking is clear and coherent. Check your spelling and grammar. Ensure that the question is well worded. Most of all, do not ask questions under the influence. What sounds good after you have had a couple of glasses might not in the morning.
  • Emojis. Everyone loves emojis and, importantly, they are attention-grabbing. That is, if they are positioned well. This will ultimately make your poll more enticing and so clickable.
  • Do not forget that your story is only up for 24 hours. Do not forget to come back and check in on the results. Otherwise, it will be a pretty pointless poll.

View, Monitor, and Share Poll Results

Now that you have been shown how to create a poll and been furnished with some half sensible ideas (hopefully). Now we are going to look at how to view, monitor, and share the results of your poll. Here goes.

The best thing about social media is that moment when you see how many people have viewed, liked, commented on, or messaged you. It truly is addictive. Luckily for us, Instagram has made it easy to follow up on your polls and view the results.

All you have to do is open your created poll story and view it in the bottom corner of the screen. Then, to see how many followers have viewed it, just tap on this little bit. Afterward, you will be redirected to another screen where your viewers, who voted on your poll and how many votes each position got are displayed. Let the dopamine hit commence. With a bit of luck, you would have understood that. If not, go back and read it again. All you have to do is swipe up.

If you have, well done. You are now ready to learn how to share your Instagram poll results on the social media platform. This one is even easier. All you have to do is open your story view lists. Here you will see the ‘share results’ bottom as shown in the image below. Tap on that button and it will open up the results right before your eyes. This you can immediately share right to your Instagram story.

FAQ ( frequently asked questions ) text on notebook with many light bulbs


Can I unvote on Instagram?

Short answer: no. After you have voted on your pal’s story then you cannot rescind this vote. It is forever, baby. In fact, you cannot even change your vote. It is set in stone so vote carefully. This is how it works on Twitter as well. When it comes to your own story then it is possible to delete the poll. However, you cannot retract your vote on someone else’s story.

What makes an Instagram poll great?

What we have covered in this article is what makes an Instagram poll great. However, one thing to point out is that trivia always does well. No wonder trivial pursuit is a family favorite. Today content marketing experts are adopting this strategy in droves. It is simple and powerful for brands that are contemplating gaining recognition beyond their traditional markets. Besides, the topic of trivia offers a huge amount of range.

Why should I bother with Instagram polls?

The main thing with Insta is about drawing in eyeballs. Instagram wants you to interact with followers and delve further into their app. aided by an Instagram poll, users can ask anything from their followers or fans. Literally anything. Stuff like this helps create a connection between you and your followers. In short, interact with them. This will aid you in your quest to drum up interest and draw in more engagement.

How is it that I create an Instagram poll?

If you have to ask this one, then you have not been paying attention. But here goes anyway. Simply open your story and tap on the sticker icon (located at the top of the story screen) and click on the poll sticker options. Here you will find the poll sticker on your story screen. Now simply add the question that is situated about the yes or no poll. Hey, presto!


Right so let us wrap things up. It is about time. If you are wanting to boost engagement with your followers, then a poll is the right way to go. Absorb what has been said in this article and get creative. Interesting poll ideas will encourage and prod your audience. Try out the ideas that we explored above and you will eventually get the hang of it. Once you have mastered them, spread your wings and be bold.

And finally, help each other out. if you find a strategy that works for your brand or business then share it with others. The more people who use Instagram and engage with its content the better. This is something that benefits us all. Explore more on our website to find out about all things Insta. There is stuff about Instagram captions, hashtags, Instagram stories, features, and, much, much more.